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So you don't know much about pies? Maybe you think all pies are full of fruit and maybe that's not your idea of a tasty meal, more like a tasty dessert.

Well let us dispel some of the myths about meat pies.

There's so much more to the meat pie than meets the eye, like for instance, did you know that pies contain fresh vegetables?

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Nutrition In Pies

Pies are full of vegetables, In fact, Steve's Pies has some of it's recipes loaded with fresh, healthy and nutritious vegetables. When compared to other fast foods the humble pie comes out on top.

There was a time when the bakers of pies loaded whatever they liked for taste and didn't put a great deal of thought into the nutritional side of meat pies. Well, here at Steve's Pies we changed that line of thought and asked ourselves what could we do to change to a healthier pie, a more socially acceptable pie, a pie which caters for the tastes of every individual?

The obvious answer was to include fresh vegetables without losing the flavors people had become so expectant of. The end result is what we now make in Europe, more specifically Czech Republic, with an eye to bringing these wonderful tasting, healthier pies to market.


Why Eat Pies?

Not only are pies full of vegetables and quality meats, but they satisfy hunger very quickly. You can eat them as a meal or just as a snack. Either way you will be satisfied.

At a mere 260 calories, pies can offer a simple solution to the busy person in need of a quick meal.

Let's face it, with the options currently available of other foods like burgers and kebabs, the market really could use a choice for people with discerning tastes.

At Steve's Pies we also cater for the vegetarians with vegan options which, especially in kebabs, is difficult to achieve.

The burger also has it's limits when it comes to finding a quality healthy solution, well, pies have solved that problem and we can offer both meat eaters and vegetarians alike, the choice of their favorite pie. Many people chose to make pies the centre- piece on their dinner tables at meal time, make pies your centre piece today!

Left The Best Until Last.

Many of the people in the countries of the world enjoy pies every day, in fact some countries have been eating pies for over 100 years.

In New Zealand for instance, the population is around 5,000,000 people and they eat around 75,000,000 pies per year approximately, but, not all of the people in New Zealand are locals, in fact, many Europeans visiting New Zealand often make the comment that they wish for these pies back in Europe after trying them for the first time. 

So we have answered their prayers and now Europe has it's first purpose made New Zealand styled meat pie factory just outside of Prague and we are not aiming small. 

Our intention is to get pies to all corners of Europe and give the Europeans the opportunity to indulge their taste buds in a long held secret from countries who already know it, meat and vegetarian pies taste great!