Steve's Pies Founders


Steve's Pies has assembled a highly motivated, expert team of individuals who want to see the good people of Europe become the next "fan-base" of these tasty delights. We come from all corners of the world and we are striving to bring you the ultimate in Pie just need to get, eat and enjoy!

Steve Reuben

Founder & Director


I had visited Europe many times always wondering when someone, anyone, would make meat pies in the way we were used to them in New Zealand. Meeting up with with some very interested people we decided to set up our very own factory in Czech Republic. Steve's Pies is the result, now in Prague I share our team's vision of a pie business especially for the European market.

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Natalya Reuben

Co-owner & Food technician


When I met my husband in Europe, I am from Ukraine originally but I am now a proud New Zealander, he talked about these pies. I had no idea what they were until when we went to New Zealand I tried one, I was hooked, how could we not have these wonderful tasting things in Europe? When we discussed having an opportunity to make this happen in Europe, I was in! The rest is history.