Frequently Asked Questions


From time to time, people like yourself might have questions about pies. As we have only just begun this page maybe we can guess some of the probable questions you might have for us.

 01  Where Can I Buy Steve's Pies?

Steve's Pies are available by contacting us. We have on our front page a link to the stores selling Steve's, simply click on the link to the shop nearest to you and find your tasty delight. We will be bringing more outlets as they come online for us....stay tuned!




 02  Are Pies Healthy?

Steve's Pies ingredients include extensive use of fresh vegetables, in fact, much of the main mixture is in fact lovely vegetables, making Steve's Pies not only tasty but a healthy option too.



 03  Can You Make Pies To Order, Say For Catering?

Essentially, Steve's Pies are a factory producing en-masse to supply stores etc... If you have a large order we can factory prepare this for you to pick up or we can deliver for a small fee. We want everyone to share in the joy of eating pies so we will be open to your requests, just ask us.​



 04  Do You Have Vegetarian Pies?

​Yes, we have done several test case vegetarian pies in the past with great success. We want to reassure vegetarians that their food is prepared in it's own specially designated area free from other pie product.




 05  Do You Deliver If We Have A Shop?

Yes we do, if you are thinking of adding pies to your stock list or menu, then talk to us , we are happy to help and we can work  out any solution to your problem. 

 06  We Are In Another Country, Can You Get Us Pies?

Yes we can, simply contact us to discuss the how's and where's and we'll be right onto it for you. Our aim is to spread the Steve's Pies word throughout Europe so if you feel this represents a great opportunity to you? Get a hold of us as soon as you can, others already have tried Steve's Pies in countries like Germany, Austria, Serbia as well as Czech Republic & Bulgaria and the feedback was fantastic.